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About Mel


Hello! I am Melanie Lanuza, (pronounced Luh-new-zuh) a graphic designer, lefty calligrapher, and hand lettering artist based in Southeast Texas. I've worked professionally as a graphic designer for multiple businesses in the Golden Triangle area since 2006, and Mel L Creative has been my passion project since April 2014.

I am an alumna of Lamar University where I earned my BS in Communication with emphasis in Advertising in 2006, and my BS in Graphic Design in 2008. 


I've been enchanted by good penmanship since I learned to write. I turned to lettering and calligraphy for healing after a very tumultuous year in 2016, and I can honestly say that as tedious and frustrating as it can be, it has also been the most rewarding, meditative gift. Seeing people's reactions when they see something as simple yet elegant as some carefully written words brings me so much joy and gratitude. Those reactions also push me to always strive for improvement. 


I've been very blessed with two loving and hard-working parents, an enormous and supportive family that spans the globe, and many genuine friends whom I consider to be my family. I will forever be grateful to all those who've encouraged and loved me along this creative journey. 

In May of 2023, I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML). I need to be more selective with the extra projects that I can accept since my diagnosis, but please feel free to reach out if you would like to work together! 

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